It's My Birthday...

and I will dance if I want to, dance if I want to ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫... 

Hello darlings! Today is a great day because it's my birthday yay! Happy birthday to me! I am most thankful to our heavenly father for another year of divine favor. This post is dedicated to a few beautiful women that share same birthday as me.

 Let me introduce you to my beautiful twin cousin Adeola Sole. We were born on the same day, month, and year! How crazy is that? I think our fathers (also brothers) planned it despite the fact they deny it. Happy Birthday Adeola!!! You are a gem and i'm so glad you are family. You are so beautiful inside and out and I pray happiness, success and divine favor in your lifetime. I love you!
"Gina" as she likes to call herself these days *rolls eyes* is one of my oldest and true friends. I will love you forever! Gosh, I have no idea where to begin! She is the kindest of hearts, selfless and a trendsetter. May God give you dominion in the coming year and strength to make the right decisions.
 The beautiful Halle Berry
 The talented Mila Kunis

Happy birthday to us all!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Ms. Sole

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