Europe: Photo Diary 1

Giant Fountain in Genoa

Hello darlings! I'll be sharing with you, through the next couple of posts, my personal pictures from my travels. I can't possibly share all my pictures therefore, this will be my version of "light sharing." I'll try to make it as pain free as possible but don't act like you don't want to see it 'cause I know you do! :)

Places I visited on this trip: Lucerne, Milan, Verona, Venice, Rome, Vatican, Florence, Pisa, Genoa, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Avignon, and Paris.

Warning: Ranting and Picture overload ahead. Reader/viewer discretion is advised.

Prologue: I left Washington all excited about my trip, but mostly excited to create memories with my friend Manji. Little did I know Lufthansa airline had a crappy surprise tied up nicely with a bow waiting for me. Yes my darlings, all for me. After I arrived in Frankfurt, awaiting to board a plane to Paris I was told Lufthansa's crew was on strike. All flights were backed up because of the strike, making the airport a human zoo! The other passengers and I waited almost 6hours for Lufthansa's crew to get off strike in order for us to get to Paris. I tried switching to another airline but was impossible to get a flight, as hundreds of people where trying to do the same. After what felt like eternity of waiting in line (the longest line in my entire life), I finally got a flight to Paris.

I was assured my luggage will arrive with me; I should have known better because the surprise didn't end there! I waited another 4hours for my luggage to arrive and by almost midnight when the last flight form Frankfurt arrived into Paris without my luggage I knew it was going to be a "fun" trip. To save myself the headache and trauma of having to re-live my experience I will cut the story short. I went through my entire trip without my luggage from Lufthansa, or a courtesy call to tell me the status of my luggage!

 I felt like I was in "Survivor" My sensitive skin had no care products, no makeup, no flat-iron for my hair, no clothes or undergarments :0 I donned a lot of scarfs and had to shop at stores at my disposal as I was constantly travelling across cities. I came to realization that "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!"
I will stop now and let you enjoy the pictures.

View of Genoa
Walking the streets of Genoa
Our private yacht 
The leaning tower of Pisa
Duomo in Milan
Wedding in Milan
Amazing view in Switzerland
St. Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City
St. Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City
St. Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City
St. Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City
Trevi Fountain, Rome
Replenishing at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Colosseum, Rome
Colosseum, Rome
Manji as Pinocchio in Florence
Breathtaking view of Florence (you have to be there to see it)
Statue of David in his birthday suit lol in Florence
Having a good laugh in Florence

Stay tuned for Photo Diary 2!

Have a Peaceful day!


Ms. Sole


  1. Yo Sole! You need to tell them the story about "I wan' peace...you know wha' peace is...?" Bwahahahahahahahahaha

    1. hahhahaha...I omitted 'cause I want to save their peace.


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