This Week's Obsession...Vinyasa Yoga

Hello darlings! My likeness towards yoga wasn't love at first sight. Probably because I felt it was too slow paced and viewed it as a sort of warm-up than a proper workout. Besides, what is a good workout without breaking proper sweat?

Well, my view changed when a lovely lady persuaded me to accompany her to yoga. On this day I had already gotten in an hour of cardio which made me more willing to try it as I figured it won't be just a day of "warm-up". Well I'm glad I did and I have fallen in love ever since! It is the best free massage you can give yourself while stretching, strengthing and toning. After 4 to 5 days of vigorous aerobics and weights it is nice to wind down with yoga and so far I am loving Vinyasa yoga.

Vinyasa yoga "differs in some important ways from its predecessor. Vinyassa yoga is often faster paced, and the assanas (postures) are linked together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath. Much emphasis is placed on the breath and the transition in and out of the assanas. Generally speaking, upward movements correlate with inhalations of the breath, and downward movements with exhalations.
The continual movements, from one pose to another, gives you an added cardiovascular benefit, which more traditional forms of yoga do not have. The routine practice of vinyasa yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress." -Fitday

If you were just like me and didn't believe in the flexibility of yoga, I urge you to try it and tell me what you think of it.



Ms. Sole

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  1. Hey,much thanks for the encouragement!I've been practicing yoga since the early 90's yet simply begun Vinyasa a couple of years prior.Like you I was hooked.Have a great time!

    @Linda Smith.