Turkey: Istanbul II

Hello darlings! Here are some more pictures from my trip to Turkey. This time around, my friend and I ventured into the new city. It was a lovely day so we walked a bit before taking the tram. I try not to sacrifice on fitness while away on travel so, this was a good excuse to get my steps in.

Turkish people are very nice but incredibly curious! As we walked past shops, almost every store owner or clerk (all men) asked us the same question: "where are you from?" Unfortunately, this became exhausting after the tenth time that I politely answered with a smile. This brings me to say, if you are of my skin tone, you're in for a treat... or a nightmare. Turkish men love dark skin girls! You will get undivided attention and get hit on constantly. For many, this is a form of flattery, for me, it was draining.

Smoking is common in public places and unapologetic-ally practiced therefore, if you have weak lungs, I suggest you travel with a mask.
Who travels to Turkey without paying the Bazaar District a visit? No one! Of course, it's the thing to do while in Turkey, you can haggle away at Turkish delights, tea, spices and other nik-naks.

I have a sweet tooth, having a taste of some Turkish delight (traditionally known as Lokum) for the first time was amazing. It is a form of candy made with sugar or honey, Pistachio, dates, hazelnuts in amazing flavors such as; rosewater, Raspberry, Bergamot Orange and more. Of course I was in heaven! I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three consecutive days. Yes, I go overboard!


In West Africa, when in season, roasted corn is a staple that I enjoy as a snack. I am in awe, of sort, to see that I can enjoy this in Turkey, as well as France, where I last spotted a man roasting corn. Yum!

We cruised the Bosporus strait, a boundary between Europe and Asia. It demarcates the European and the Asian side of Turkey. I was so impressed with myself because I set an amazing record of visiting three continents (The Americas, Europe and Asia) in two days!
Enjoying some Turkish tea with Manji, while we cruised the Bosporus.

I couldn't help but capture the moment of these men fishing off the Galata bridge. The Galata bridge, bridges the gap between the old city and the new city. (Pun intended)

Went up the Galata tower, one of the city's most striking landmarks, for an amazing panoramic vista of Istanbul. Not to worry, the Turks are ahead of the French on convenience and technology as there is an elevator to take you way up this beautiful tower unlike, Arc de Triomphe. Oh, there's a restaurant up the tower for a killer meal with a killer view. Very Romantic!

I hope you enjoyed my narative, I will continue to share my travel experience in this light. Look out for my South Africa travel post. 

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