What A Reed Diffuser Oil Is

Well, the first question you may be asking is, "what is a reed diffuser in the first place?" What may be sounding like an electrical musical instrument terminology is actually a lot less technical and a lot more aromatherapy-based instead. It is an amazing multi-purposed item to have in the home.

Reed diffusers are literally the snippets of reed plant stems. Yes, they can be confused for bamboo or other plants, but it is the special way that reed stems are structured that allow for scented oils to wick, travel up the stem, and disperse into the surrounding environment to make for a great natural air scenting.

Where do reeds come from?

These existences of mother nature are found growing together in multitudes by water.

As they are not a part a tree, they are essentially their very own plant structure, and they are naturally functional so the scented oils can diffuse into the air at a natural rate.

It is the large amount of pores in these reed stems that essentially act as a grouping of straws, straws that suction the scented oils up and out into the air.

You will usually see the packaged contents at aromatherapy shops or home interior design stores. Usually, they will include a nice little clear open-topped jar, a set of the reeds themselves, and the contents of the scented reed diffuser oil.

While some reed diffuser oils are mainly organic, there will be some that have artificial scents added to them. This is all dependent on how easy it is to extract the fragrance from the plant.

It is with these aromatic reed diffuser oils that you can have in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom to make the entire living space that much more pleasant to be in.

Reed diffusers are an amazingly safer way to scent up a room without having to light any matches. Instead of using candles that can collect soot, you can enjoy a session of aromatherapy and not clog up your air purifiers.

The moment that you are left with not even a drop of reed diffuser oil, you are faced with the decision to go out to the store to purchase a completely new bundle altogether, or to be smart and purchase a refill of that fragrance oil.

Indeed, the frugal option to take is to pick up a refill at the interior design shop, so you can keep the lovely votive jar, the original reeds, and maintain feng shui in your room.


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