Why Aromatherapy Bath Products Are Becoming So Popular

Aromatherapy in the bath has become a standard routine for many people. In this age that promotes getting more done in less time, leisurely baths have become indulgences for many. A long soak in a hot bath with scented bubbles has come to symbolize a luxury.

Too many of us find ourselves stressed and overworked in our lives. Women especially find ourselves trying to take care of our husbands, our children, and our jobs before finding ways to take care of ourselves. Sometimes a bath is the only time we take any time for ourselves in the course of the day.

Bathtime gives us freedom from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and the private time we all need to regenerate. Aromatherapy gives us a chance to turn that peaceful bath into a wonderfully relaxing and pampering time to nourish our souls while we clean our bodies. Science has shown that scents affect our moods so it is only natural to include aromatherapy into our baths.

Everywhere you look you will see advertising promoting aromatherapy products. We're shown ads with actresses taking a deep breath while sinking beneath a cloud of bubbles. We see candles burning and watch the cares of the day disappear from their faces as they relax in the steamy water. We can tell ourselves that it is all an act but the constant barrage of these images do have a subconscious affect on us.

The growing popularity of alternative health care also has an influence on us. Alternative practitioners have long touted the connection between our mental state and our physical state. Even traditional doctors are admitting that stress can cause physical illnesses. Because of these findings, many people are seeking more holistic practices of treating the body and the mind for optimal health.

So is the increasing popularity of aromatherapy in the bath is a result of advertising genius or growing alternative medicine practices or the pressing need for de-stressing our hectic lives? Nobody knows for sure and perhaps they are all factors. Whatever the reason, adding fragrances to your bath routine is a easy way to relax and recharge your emotional batteries.

Unless you have a specific therapeutic reason, most aromatherapy experts recommend avoiding extremes in water temperature when preparing your bath. You should keep in mind the form of scent you are using and be aware of any common reactions. For example, some essential oils used in aromatherapy can cause a rash when directly applied to the skin but are fine when the oil is diffused in a tub full of water.

One popular combination of scents for a relaxing bath is lavender and chamomile. Other scents can be used either singly or in a wide variety of combinations for varying effects. There are many books available on aromatherapy at your local library or bookstore for more details. You can also find more information by searching online for aromatherapy.


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